Interior Design & Remodeling

Giese doesn’t just know flooring.
We also are experts in Interior Design and Remodeling.

Let our Professional 3D Designer create a three-dimensional model of what your new space will look like once completed for visual effect that provides a representation of a fully furnished and decorated room including lighting, textures, and materials from a 3D perspective.

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Design + Function

At Giese, we understand that you want your home to be functional while reflecting both style and comfort. Our remodeling specialists will professionally replace old, unsuitable fixtures, colors, flooring and cabinets with the latest materials that will fit your tastes. You can also update the key products that affect the shape, comfort and utility of these rooms. Our expert designers and craftsmen will help you to consider and coordinate the lighting, countertops, walls, appliances and more. It's important that the finished room showcases your style but is also a fully functional space that meets the needs of your busy lifestyle and adds value to your home.

Selection + Service

Our experienced company offers design consultation and top brands for your home. A Design Consultation is a great option for homeowners who want to make their house feel more like home. With a design consultation, you will have our full attention. Our experts can build an interior design plan using a mix of what inspires you and what makes your room functional. We can show you how to maximize the use of the space you have and how to put a room or home together on a budget. You’ll save time and money and get the most out of your home décor.

DIY - Worth the Risk?

Even some determined do-it-yourselfers frequently hesitate at the prospect of tackling a bathroom remodeling project. These efforts can be extremely stressful and can end up increasing your costs when mistakes occur. When you hire the professionals at Giese's Abbey Carpet & Floor, you benefit from years of hard-earned expertise. Perhaps most important, you won't have to be concerned about building codes, research materials, shopping for the best, affordable fixtures, handling the removal of old fixtures and materials or safety issues, or anything else.


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